Out of Hours

Out of Hours

Out of Hours

In the unlikelihood of an emergency out of hours we have partnered with Vets Now to make sure that your pet receives the high quality care we provide.

Vets Now clinics are only open at nights, weekend and public holidays and work in partnership with The Vet to provide a dedicated Out Of Hours emergency service. Our phones are transferred to the emergency line at 7.30pm on a weekday, or 3.30pm on a weekend, so calling the practice out of our normal hours will transfer you straight to Vets Now.

Find an Emergency Clinic by visiting http://www.vets-now.com/find-an-emergency-vet/

Can I telephone just for advice?
Of course you can. Vets Now staff are able to give you advice over the phone and they will tell you if they think it is safe for your pet to wait until the morning to see a vet. However, if you really do wish to see a vet, don’t be afraid to ask.

Can I just turn up?
You should if possible call before going to the practice as staff may need to prepare for your arrival.

Can the vet come to my house?
House visits are occasionally necessary, but in nearly all situations the best possible care for your pet is available at the clinic. Taking your pet to the clinic means immediate access to the range of drugs and equipment that will be required to start treatment. The Vets Now staff will be able to advise on the safe transport of your pet to the clinic.

How do I pay for the service?
Payment should be made at the time of treatment. Cash, debit and credit cards are accepted. If your pet is insured, this may cover the costs.

What do I do if my pet is ill out of hours?
The Vets Now service means that if your pet becomes ill, or is involved in an accident during our closing hours you can be safe in the knowledge that a dedicated emergency team is available to take care of your pet should the worst happen. The Vets Now team only work outside normal working hours which ensures they are fresh, and ready to see you and your pet whilst your own vet is off duty.
Their team will be ready to provide help and advice for your pet, and will be ready to see you at the surgery if required. If you do need to go to the clinic, please bring any medication that your pet is taking, with you.