Tips for a healthy, happy Valentine

Tips for a healthy, happy Valentine

Tips for a healthy, happy Valentine

It’s the month of love. And there’s no better time than now to extend our gestures of love to our most loyal four-legged companions. Whether snuggling on the sofa or enjoying a long walk, the bond you reinforce together will be the greatest Valentines gift of all.

Here are our top tips to ensure you have a happy, healthy Valentine

  • For the love of Food – while we all love to ensure our pets are happy, treats should not be the only extension of our affection. It can be easy to fall into the trap of over treating alongside their balanced diet. The calories add up and before you know it a few pounds have been gained! Look for healthy alternatives and be sure to treat in moderation.
  • Toy Time – ditch the treat and have playtime instead, this is much more valuable and meaningful for your pet. Be sure to pick robust toys that aren’t potential choking hazards.
  • Pamper session – grooming your pet is the ultimate bonding experience, and we know they will love a good brush! Grooming not only helps keep their coat healthy and shiny while giving you the opportunity to check over their body for any lumps and bumps, but it can aid in reducing stress for you and them.
  • Flowers from an admirer – who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers? The good intentioned sender may not be aware of the dangers some flowers pose to our four-legged companions, so it’s a good idea to swat up on your floral knowledge:
    • Flowers poisonous to cats – Lilies – Easter Lilies, Stargazer Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Asiatic Lilies and Oriental Lilies. These flowers can lead to severe illness for your cat, so if you are lucky enough to receive some beautiful flowers, you may need to return to sender…
  • We Heart Chocolate! – The smell can be irresistible to some animals and we know they will do anything to have a good rummage through a box of chocolates. If you are lucky enough to receive this delicious sentiment, be sure to keep them way out of reach of your pet (we suggest eating them all in one sitting to be safe!). On the other hand, you could offer them a pet friendly chocolate button so they can enjoy a piece safely while you enjoy yours!
  • Candle Lit Dinner – Let’s set the scene for you, dinner for two by candle light and you’re about to plate up when you hear a crash! Yup! Your kitty has jumped on the dining table looking to join the two of you. It will probably be a good idea to keep those candles unlit until you are both at the table, or instead set the romantic mood with corner lighting to keep your pet safe from the naked flames.
  • Pour it up! – What better excuse than Valentines to enjoy a little tipple, but we insist you do not share, not just so you can enjoy it but for their wellbeing too. Alcohol is toxic for your pet, so if you want them to join you in a drink you can pour out some pet friendly drink for them, from Pawsecco to Bottom Sniffer dog beer the variety out there is endless!
  • Listen to their Heart – Valentines is probably a great reminder to keep your pet happy and healthy inside and out, and a good listen of the heart from The Vet can help detect anything untoward. You can even have a listen yourself, our Vet’s can explain everything you are hearing so you have a better understanding of what a healthy heart should sound like.

And finally, Love is not just for one day and following these tips everyday can help keep your pet happy and healthy throughout their life.



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