Should I neuter my cat?

Should I neuter my cat?

Should I neuter my cat?

Neutering is a surgical operation which stops female cats (queens) – from becoming pregnant and male cats (toms) from getting females pregnant. Neutering is the best way to deal with the problems of unwanted pregnancies, it also prevents some cancers and infections, reduces straying, fighting and spraying.

When to neuter your kitten?
Kittens are usually neutered at around four months of age– although your cat can be neutered at any age. Kittens tend to recover more quickly than adult cats.

What does neutering your cat mean?
A female cat is spayed – her ovaries and uterus (womb) – are removed
A male cat is castrated – his testicles are removed.

Why neuter your cat?
Neutering has many health benefits, as well as helping to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the UK.

Unneutered male cats:

  • are less likely to get injured or catch diseases from fighting
  • will travel a large territory of many miles in search of unneutered females, risking road accidents and injury
  • will spray smelly urine to mark territory and attract females
  • are at risk of tumours of the testicles
  • are not better hunters than unneutered cats, as hunting is not a sexual behaviour
  • may experience increased stress akin to frustration if unable to find a mate

Unneutered female cats:

  • can become pregnant from around four months of age
  • will often have litters of kittens around three times a year. Adding to overpopulation of cats and increases costs for the owner, especially if there are complications during pregnancy or birth
  • wail and call every three weeks during the breeding season – January to August – to attract a mate, until they become pregnant
  • are more likely to contract diseases spread through mating and sexual contact
  • are at risk of cancers of the ovaries, uterus and mammary glands, as well as developing pyometra, a serious infection of the womb

How much does it cost?
Cat neutering prices vary depending on the centre that you visit and the procedure that your cat needs i.e. spay or castration. You can find a full list of prices on our website under the ‘prices’ tab or ask your team.