What to consider when rehoming a dog

What to consider when rehoming a dog

What to consider when rehoming a dog

If you are looking to adopt or rehome a dog, whether from a popular London location such as Battersea Dog’s Home or elsewhere in the UK, there are a number of factors you should consider.

Whilst rehomed dogs can make fabulous pets and can add terrific value to both your life and theirs, there is a lot more to consider than when getting a puppy from a known background.

What type of dog would suit you?
You need to be really honest with yourself about what type of dog would suit your circumstances. Specifically, you should consider the following:
How much time can you spend exercising them?
How often will the dog be on its own and how much time can you dedicate to them when you are around?
Is your home and family suitable for the type of dog you might be considering?
Can you afford the costs of a particular type of dog?

A dog that is being rehomed will need additional time and care to settle in to their new environment. Although their background might be unknown, there will be a reason why they need rehoming in the first place. For example, they might have:

  • Been mistreated by their previous owners
  • Been strays who have had limited human love or interaction before
  • Faced considerable emotional distress following the loss of their long-term owner due to death or illness
  • Have behavioural issues which their previous owners didn’t know how to deal with
  • The point is that you just don’t know what kind of past your dog had and this is why commitment is key – you need to be prepared and able to put in plenty of time and patience to settling your dog into its new home. Do this, and you will be rewarded with a dog that feels comfortable and settled with you.

What else should I consider when rehoming a dog?
To help you decide whether you should adopt a dog, we’ve put together some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want a younger dog or to help an older dog who may be harder to rehome and may have health issues?
  • Do I understand the level of patience needed to gain the trust of a dog that might be mistrustful of people as a result of negative experiences?
  • Am I willing to accommodate disruptive or erratic behaviour while my dog is settling in?
  • Am I willing to put in the time in to teach new behaviours and retrain my dog?

Where can you find a dog to rehome?
Once you have decided what type of dog will be happy in your home and will suit your lifestyle, you will be able to start looking for your new family member. If you have decided that you want to rehome a specific breed, the Kennel Club publish the details of organisations that rescue only certain breeds.

You may also find it useful to contact the UK’s largest dog welfare charity Dogs Trust, or other large national charities like the Blue Cross. Many smaller, local charities also take in and look after rescue dogs, so check local papers and the internet for rescue centres near to where you live too.

If you’re still unsure about where to go to rehome a dog, or what type of dog would be best for you, speak to the team at The Vet for advice. We’re happy to talk before you get your new dog and we look forward to meeting them once you do.