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Book an appointment online!

Book an appointment online!

Simply follow the guide below to determine whether you need to see a Vet or Nurse for your appointment.

You need to see a Vet if;

*Your animal is unwell in any way
*You have a new pet
*You wish to discuss a surgery
*If you feel your animal needs to see a veterinarian

You can see a Nurse for;

*Nail clipping
*Anal gland expression
*Dental check
*Flea check
*Weight check
*If advised by one of our vets that your next check can be with a nurse

Booking An Appointment For Vaccinations
Annual Booster Vaccinations will need to be booked with a Vet.
A course of Primary Vaccinations are for new puppies, kittens or vaccination restarts. These vaccinations are a course of 2 spread 3-4 weeks apart. The first course will need to be booked with a Vet, the second course can be booked with a Veterinary Nurse.
Please contact us for any questions you may have 0239 237 1999
Please call us on 0239 237 1999 if you have an emergency
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