Cat Annual Vaccination

Why do I need to vaccinate my cat?
Many of our cats go outside for large proportions of time, so we never be 100% sure what they are up to, or whom they are coming into contact with. Sadly not all cats are vaccinated, and there are many strays that do carry infectious diseases. It is therefore vital to ensure your cat is vaccinated, ideally before you start letting them go outside.

When kittens are born, they are initially protected from certain infections by their mother’s milk, but this protection only lasts for a few weeks. You should therefore start vaccinations for your cat from eight weeks of age. This starts with a course of two injections, three to four weeks apart, followed by yearly booster vaccinations.

There are several fatal diseases that you can vaccinate against, so making sure that your cat has had all of the necessary vaccinations and boosters is vital.

What vaccinations should my cat have?

  • Feline infectious enteritis (parvovirus, panleucopenia virus)
  • Cat flu
  • Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV)

With so many diseases that your cat can be vaccinated against, we encourage routine cat vaccines with The Vet every year. The cost of treating many of these diseases if your cat contracts them, can spiral well into the hundreds, whereas boosters every year cost as little as £24.99 and will protect your feline from these potentially fatal or scaring diseases.