Video Consultation

To ensure we can continue to provide care to your pets during these uncertain times, you are now able to access our experts with video consultations.

At the Vet our main priority is helping as many animals and humans enjoy their lives together. In times of crisis this doesn’t change, which is why you can now speak to one of our vets via a video consultation.

How does it work?

It’s simple!

1. Download PetsApp (Please select your clinic below and you will be directed to the app)
2. Choose The Vet as your clinic
3. Register your pet’s details – you can add more than one
4. Start a chat with us

To ensure we provide the highest quality care during these uncertain times, video consultations will only be available to sick and injured pets. This will be reviewed once we resume to our normal operating service.

How much does it cost?

A video consult with one of our vets will cost £30. The payment will be taken prior to the consultation starting.

How can you diagnose on a video call?

The aim of the video consultation is to understand how quickly your pet may need to be seen by a vet and not to make a diagnosis. If we feel your pet needs urgent care we will book you an appointment to come in and see us for a full physical examination. This consultation will also be chargeable but at lower rate then our standard fee.

When can I access this service?

Video consultations will be available during our current opening hours. For out of hours and emergency appointments please contact your local Vets Now clinic.