Wally’s Story

Wally was brought in to The Vet Nottingham by his owner Emily who is one of our Veterinary Care assistants.

In January a friend surprised Emily by leaving some lovely flowers at her house. Unfortunately they contained Lily’s – the pollen of Lilly’s can be very toxic to Cats.

Emily arrived home at 6pm to find Wally had pollen around his face she washed his face immediately and called the clinic to inform us that she was bringing him down.

Once here Ines, one of our vets, then examined Wally who was then put on Intravenous fluids and bloods taken to test kidney values by our wonderful nurses.


The bloods were normal which is to be expected at this stage (the reason the bloods were taken is as a reference). It was advised that Wally stayed on Fluids overnight to flush out his kidneys and any toxins.

Wally went home the next evening and came back 72 hours post ingestion for a further blood sample.

The bloods at 72 hours were normal as well. Wally has since returned to causing mayhem at home!