Ear today, Gone tomorrow.

This is Jessie, a beautiful 14 year old domestic short-haired cat. She visited The Vet Liverpool as she had a cancerous tumour on one of her ears. The best way to prevent the cancer from spreading was to remove part of her ear.

As Jessie is an older lady, they took a blood sample before the surgery to make sure she was healthy enough to cope with the anaesthetic and they put her on a drip to support her through the procedure.

The surgery didn’t take very long and the vet made sure to remove a wide margin of tissue around the tumour to ensure that only healthy tissue was left. The nurse even gave Jessie a groom while she was still asleep, because here at The Vet, we like to pamper our patients!

White cats, or coloured cats with white ears (like Jessie) are prone to getting tumours on their ears due to damage by the sun. The tumours are usually a type of cancer called a “squamous cell carcinoma” which can be very aggressive and can spread to other parts of the body such as the lungs or liver. Jessie is recovering and feeling a lot better.

If you notice red crusty sores, scabs or ulcers on your cat’s white ears then take them to The Vet for examination and treatment. Early diagnosis of cancer makes it much easier to treat!