Coco the dog

Coco and her family were enjoying a Saturday afternoon of crabbing when Coco’s owner’s noticed fishing line hanging from her mouth. It soon became apparent that Coco had found and swallowed a fishing hook!

The owner called us and rushed her to The Vet straight away, at first believing the hook to be stuck in her throat. Coco was very excited by the attention she was generating and so it became necessary for an anaesthetic to allow the staff to examine her throat. The hook could not be seen! Radiographs then showed that the hook had in fact made its way to the stomach and emergency surgery was needed to remove the hook before it could do any further damage.

The surgery was a success and the hook was retrieved from Coco’s stomach without complication. Coco bounced back from surgery quickly and returned home the next day – you can’t keep a five month old puppy down for long! Due to the nature of the surgery Coco’s owner were asked to feed a bland diet to allow for the stomach to heal.

Fishing hooks such as the one in this case have a small barb at the end. Simply pulling on the fishing line when the hook was inside of Coco could have resulted in tearing within the stomach and oesophagus which is why surgical removal was required.

Coco was very lucky and has now made a full recovery.

Situations like this are fairly uncommon and most fishing enthusiasts do ensure that all their equipment is packed away safely however please do take care when walking your dog in areas where fishing may take place and remember hooks may not just be swallowed but can become lodged in paws etc. too.