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What is an x-ray? Most people are familiar with the idea of them, but won’t necessarily know what’s involved when it comes to taking an x-ray image of your pet.

X-rays are a form of radiation which as they pass through the body, are absorbed at different rates depending on the density of the body parts. X-rays find it difficult to pass through dense parts of the bodies, like bone, and much easier to pass through soft tissue, such as the lungs or heart, so when the x-ray emerges from the other side of the body, the detector transfers this pattern into a black and white image, and this is why bones appear bright white, and softer tissue parts appear much darker.

Abdominal x-rays are effective in diagnosing various conditions in your pet. They allow our vets to see a foreign object within the stomach or abdomen – think of all those times your pet has swallowed something they shouldn’t! They can also help our vets find bladder stones or discover tumours and even help diagnose suspected heart or lung disease. Of course, an x-ray is most commonly known for being able to see bones, we can check if your pet has broken a bone and how serious it is.

Because your pet will have to stay very still during an x-ray to get a clear picture, we will sometimes need to sedate them– unlike with people, telling them to stay very still doesn’t quite work – sedation is different to general anaesthetic, sedation is a lighter kind of sleep and lasts a shorter length of time.

We invest in top quality digital x-ray machines which produce a higher quality image in just a few seconds, meaning there is no need to spend the time producing the images in a dark-room with chemicals and it reduces the time your animal spends under sedation. It’s particularly helpful in an emergency where rapid assessment of injuries is vital and may be life-saving. Because the image is produced digitally, it also means it can be quickly emailed to a specialist should your pet have a rare condition which needs further investigation.

Having x-ray facilities in our clinics means that we can diagnose your pet during your visit and start treatment straight away. Because we offer a low-price guarantee, our x-ray services are the cheapest you will find in a veterinary clinic in your area.