Weight clinics with the Nurse

These free clinics will support you with all areas of weight management for your animal.

What happens in a weight clinic?

The nurse will firstly take measurements of your dog or cat which include around the neck, thorax and abdomen. The nurse will discuss with you the animal’s health history to understand what they are currently being fed, the quantity, the time of day they eat and how many times they are given treats. This will help the nurse gain a better understanding of your animal and provide the right weight management programme for them.

Once this information is collated, the nurse will provide your pet with a body score, which is generated through an online tool in conjunction with our nutrition partner, Hills.

The body score result will help the nurse create a bespoke dietary plan and exercise programme, specifically suited to your animal as well as fitting into your daily routine.

How much will my pet lose?

On average a dog would lose less than 2% of their body weight per week and cats on average less than 1% of body weight per week.

What else can I do to help?

If your pet is struggling with the exercises due the extra pressure on their joints, we can recommend additional supplements, such as, yumove advance 360 as this will make the joints more mobile. Our nurses can also recommend special food toys which make your animal work harder, therefore incorporating some light exercise at mealtimes.