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An ultrasound machine allows our vets to examine your pet’s internal organs in detail without having to do an invasive operation. We can see their heart, liver, kidney, bladder and much more, for instance we can check if your pet is pregnant and how the pregnancy is going, just like we can with people.

The scan will give a relatively clear picture of an individual organ so that the vet can see if there is anything out of the ordinary which may need investigating further. It’s a great tool because it has the added bonus of being completely harmless to the pet and vet, plus in most cases, your pet won’t even need sedating.

To take an ultrasound scan, we shave an area of fur so that the probe can make good contact with the skin. A special gel is then applied to the skin which improves the picture quality even further. The scanner emits ultrasound waves which bounce back as echoes, creating the 2D image which appears in black and white on the screen immediately so that the vet can study it for any abnormalities. We can use an ultrasound for a variety of things, for instance to evaluate heart conditions and diagnose tumours. Because the images appear instantly, your vet will be able to assess the results straight away, this is unless the images are sent to a specialist, in which case there may be a short wait.