Rabbit Spay

Neutering is the general term used describe surgically removing some or all of the reproductive organs of your pet. In females, the operation is called spaying and is a routine procedure carried out under general anaesthetic and can be performed on cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets.

Why should I get my animal spayed?
Spaying greatly reduces the risk of your pet getting breast cancer and infections of the womb as well as stopping unwanted litters, which can be risky for the mother.  It also stops your pet from coming into ‘heat’ which can be frustrating for her.

Some people worry that their pet’s personality will change after being spayed.  This is not true but you might see a fall in certain behaviours such as roaming, spraying urine, mounting and fighting.

When should you spay your pet?
Spaying is usually done at a young age, but can be performed at any age.  If your pet is 8 years or over, our vets will recommend a blood test first to check overall health before the anaesthetic.