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Nail Clipping

Nail clipping is a skill and unless you are entirely confident, our veterinary nurses or vets in our clinics can trim your pet’s nails for you and/or show you exactly how to do it.

  • Dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs all require their nails clipping at some time.
  • Clip nails from an early age so that pets get used to it.
  • Frequent trimming is better than waiting until the nails are too long. If you leave the nails too long, they may curl inwards, into the skin, and eventually cause a nasty infection.

Your veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse will be able to advise you on the most suitable style of nail clippers for your pet. If your pet does not like his/her feet handled, you may need to get a friend to help you restrain your pet gently but firmly and keep your pet calm.

Cat Nail Clipping

There are actually a handful of reasons why it’s a good idea to clip your cat’s nails, and reducing your cat’s ability to shred your furniture is just one of them. However, with so many incredible choices in cat trees, and scratching pads, posts, trays and more, your furniture is unlikely to be your cat’s first choice.

So why clip their nails? It makes life more comfortable for both you and your cat. If you have one of those cats who tends to knead you — and who pokes those sharp tips into your skin — you know what we mean. Taking off the very end of those claws will make this loving gesture something you can enjoy, rather than dread. For your cat, clipping his tips can prevent painful broken claws that can result when a sharp tip gets caught in the carpet. Also having those claws a little less sharp will reduce the damage should your fashion-conscious cat decide to give the corner of your sofa a hip new “distressed” look.

Dog Nail Clipping

Dogs who exercise regularly on a hard surface may not need their nails clipping so regularly whereas dogs and pets that lead a gentler lifestyle may need their nails clipped more often.

  • Only trim the “hook” end of nail to avoid cutting the blood vessel which naturally grows towards the tip of the nail. Clipping nails too short can cause pain and bleeding.
  • White nails are easier to trim as the blood vessel is easier to see. It is the thin, pink line in the centre of the nail.
  • Dog dew claws – gently bend away from leg to clip

At the vet nail clipping starts from £4.99/ To see the exact price at your nearest clinic, please click here. If you have any questions about clipping your pet’s nails, please drop in or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss this with you.