Nail clip with the nurse

These clinics help keep your animal’s nails healthy

What happens during this visit?

In addition to having your animal’s nails clipped, the nurse will also perform a health check on your pet to make sure they are in tip top condition. This will include checking for discharge in their eyes, nose and ears as well as checking their teeth. The nurse will also ask for your pet’s history around feeding, general health and their diet and provide any advice where necessary.

The nurse can also advise you on other pet health matters including flea and worm treatment, vaccinations and neutering.

Why should I have my pet’s nails clipped?

  • Long nails make it difficult and uncomfortable for your animal to walk causing them to put pressure on other parts of their feet which can cause discomfort.
  • Long nails can tear and split which is painful for your pet.
  • If they become too long, they can curl up and damage your animals pads and paws.