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In-house labs

At The Vet, we have our own in-house lab which means we can perform a range of tests. Pre-operative blood tests are very important, we need to check your pet is strong enough to undergo general anaesthetic. In this test, we check if there are any underlying illnesses or diseases, we check the blood cell count to check for signs of anaemia or infection and check for signs of dehydration. Results would determine if your pet needs any extra care before being anaesthetised, or whether they are healthy enough at all to undergo the procedure.
We can also conduct a range of other blood tests which all help in giving us more information about your pet’s overall health and identify diseases or abnormalities to aid us in diagnosing your pet.

Our microscope can be used for checking urine or faeces samples or ear smears taken in the consult rooms. It takes a lot of skill for our vets and nurses to be able to identify signs in such small samples under a microscope, but that is what comes with years of training and studying, and will let them know if there is an infection or worm eggs or any other complications not visible to the naked eye.
Having an in-house lab enables us to test a wide variety of issues immediately, and with results in minutes, this will help speed up the diagnosis of your pet. There are an extensive number of lab tests which require a much bigger lab, so for any test we can’t do in the clinic, we send off a sample to a much bigger laboratory which will send us the results in just a day or so. At The Vet, we keep as much equipment on-site as possible, all to speed up the process of giving a diagnosis for your pet so we can start treatment right away, and so that your pet can stay in one place and doesn’t have to travel around too much whilst they are unwell.