Flea check with the Nurse

These clinics help support your animal if they have flea’s or help prevent them.

What happens during this visit?

The nurse will perform a general health check on your pet to make sure they are in tip top condition.

This will include checking for discharge in their eyes, nose and ears as well as checking their teeth. The nurse will also ask for your pet’s history around feeding, general health and their diet and provide any advice where necessary.

The nurse will check your animals’ fur for flea’s and if discovered will provide you with the right course of treatment. They will also recommend regular flea treatment to avoid future episodes occurring.

The nurse can also advise you on other pet health matters including vaccinations and neutering.

How do I know if my pet has flea’s?

You will notice your pet itching and licking more than normal. They may also have red and inflamed skin.

Why should I use flea treatment?

  • Fleas feed on blood which could cause anaemia in young, old or ill animals.
  • Some animals have allergic reactions to fleas which will cause a serve flare up.
  • They can spread to humans too.