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Want to spread the cost of pet care across the year?
Click, call or pop into a surgery and ask one of the team.

Pet Healthcare Plans

Worried about the cost of care?

Our NEW Healthcare Plan provides peace of mind for a monthly price you won’t mind.
We all want to know that we are doing the very best for our pets. At The Vet, we believe it should be simple and affordable. For a small monthly fee, our Healthcare Plan covers all the preventative care your pet needs. This means regular vet health checks, vaccinations, and treatments to prevent fleas, worms and other parasites. PLUS some extras to save you even more.
Give your pet the best preventative healthcare.
Our Healthcare Plan is the absolute gold standard. Not only will it save you between £55 - £210 per year, it also provides total peace of mind that you’re giving your animal the care they need to stop them getting sick in the first place. We’ll also send you SMS reminders of what treatment is needed and when, so you don’t have to worry.

So what’s included and how much is it?

Please fill out the form below to see how much you could save!

How do I get started?

It’s easy – just ask one of the reception team in clinic and they can activate your plan there and then.
Our clients opinion

Ian Nelson

Amazing service on Monday with Basil and a broken claw. He’s a nervous patient and was well looked after by Rosie. Thank you

Donna Glover

My little dog DJ was The Vets first operation, he was castrated. The premises was very clean and bright and staff very friendly. Had a telephone call the next day to see how he was doing which was lovely. Will definitely use this vet again. Can’t thank the staff enough for looking after him.

Jenny Roberts

Reasonable prices. I love the fact you don’t have to book an appointment, great service.

Dr Attila Jonas

Very good service, highly recommended. The surgical technique used for my dog’s castration impressed me as a consultant anaesthetist both cosmetically and physiologically. Competitive price, very good process quality.