Taking your pet on Holiday – do they have a passport?

Taking your pet on Holiday – do they have a passport?

Taking your pet on Holiday – do they have a passport?

Did you know, dogs, cats and ferrets need their very own passport to travel to other countries? You can purchase a pet passport from a vet who will fill in the information required for your pet to travel. Passports at The Vet start at £39.99.

It is very important to have all the necessary documentation to prove your pet is fit for travelling and won’t be bringing back any infectious foreign illnesses. The UK has been declared rabies free for nearly 100 years and it is because of the compulsory rabies vaccinations when travelling that it has remained this way.


Pet Holiday Checklist

Your animal will need to have a microchip implanted at least one week before they get vaccinated for rabies. Your dog is required by law to be microchipped anyway and we recommend all pets are microchipped in case they become lost or stolen whether you are travelling or not.

Rabies Vaccination
Pets must be at least 12 weeks old to be vaccinated against rabies, but it has to be done at least 21 days before travelling to another country.

Pet Passport
Your dog, cat or ferret must have a pet passport to enter the UK or the EU. Similar to a human passport, it will need to contain a photograph and date of birth. Other key information which will need to be filled in by your vet includes your pet’s microchip number, the date it was issued, the date the animal received their rabies vaccine and booster vaccinations. If your pet’s passport isn’t completed with all the relevant information, they simply won’t be allowed to travel. Passports at The Vet start at £39.99, simply ask your vet to issue you one.

Tapeworm Treatment (dogs only)
Dogs need to be treated for tapeworm by a vet whilst abroad within 1 to 5 days before you are scheduled to re-enter the UK. The vet needs to write down the name and manufacturer of the product used, the date and time they treated your dog and their stamp and signature in your pet’s passport.

Where are you going?
All EU countries are deemed “rabies safe” and there is also a list of other countries included. This can be found on the gov.uk website here and includes the USA, Australia, the Canary Islands, Japan, Mexico, the United Emirates, Barbados and many more popular holiday destinations.

If you travel to a country outside of the EU and one which is not on the approved list, you have to take extra safety measures to ensure your pet is completely rabies free. For more information on taking your pet to non-EU unlisted countries, click here.

If you are travelling to an EU or listed country, then a microchip, booster vaccinations, rabies vaccinations and the tapeworm treatment is all you will need, and this needs to be documented in a completed pet passport.

Time schedule when travelling within the EU or listed countries:

  • 4 weeks before you travel: Get your pet microchipped and ask the vet for a pet passport
  • 3 weeks before you travel: Rabies vaccination
  • 3 weeks/21 days later: Holiday!
  • 1-5 days before travelling home to UK: Get Tapeworm treatment from foreign vet

Other Species of Pets
There are no restrictions on bringing pet rodents, rabbits, birds, ornamental fish, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles to the UK from other EU countries.

Pet rabbits and rodents from countries outside the EU must spend 4 months in quarantine and need a rabies import licence.

At The Vet you don’t need an appointment to organise your passport or vaccinations, pop in at your convenience to find out everything you need to know about taking your pet abroad, so we can help you be fully prepared.