Hints and tips for a healthy, happy Easter

Hints and tips for a healthy, happy Easter

Hints and tips for a healthy, happy Easter

Holidays, Easter egg hunts and a house full of family and friends – Easter is a fun time for everyone. However, there are a few precautions you should take to make sure your furry friends enjoy themselves too, and don’t come to any unnecessary harm.

Beware of the chocolate

Yummy for us, but chocolate causes sickness in dogs and cats due to the natural chemical

theobromine – large amounts can lead to high blood pressure and even heart failure.

As little as 50g of milk chocolate can poison a small dog, so if your pet does munch on an Easter egg, take your pet straight to The Vet, you can find our contact details here.

Foiled again

It’s not just chocolate that can harm your pet. They’re unable to digest silver foil, and it could hurt their digestive system if swallowed – so be sure to keep eggs and wrappers out of reach!

Plastic egg peril

Kids have fun playing with them, but dogs can swallow them whole and may then have to undergo surgery to have them removed. Chewing them can be hazardous too, as they may choke and the sharp corners can harm your pet’s digestive system.

Thanks a bunch

Easter is one of the most popular times of the year to give and receive flowers. However, you should be careful not to leave lilies, daffodils, hyacinths or tulips within reach of your pet, as they’re all very poisonous if ingested. If your pet ingests these flowers please visit The Vet immediately.

Hot cross bun alert

The traditional sticky glazed buns are an irresistible Easter treat. But remember that raisins are poisonous to dogs and in the short term can cause diarrhoea, abnormal drinking and urinating, lethargy, poor appetite, bad breath and dehydration. So keep the buns hidden away – and see The Vet if your pooch does have a naughty nibble.

Too much fun!

Easter is when families come together and, kids in particular, have a whale of a time. For small pets, however, lots of guests and noisy children might be frightening and cause them to feel anxious. So keep an eye on them, and create a safe zone with a bed that they can escape to if it all gets too much.

And don’t forget, if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health, our friendly staff are happy to help.