Updated Information – 25th March 2020

The Vet and the Coronavirus

At the Vet our main priority is helping as many animals and humans enjoy their lives together.  In times of crisis this doesn’t change and with uncertainty ahead we wanted to give you an update on how you can access our services and continue to look after your pets during this period.

Important information when visiting our centres
If you are visiting the centre for an appointment, please follow the guidelines below:

• Please do not enter the building. Please call us to let us know you have arrived.

• Please wait in your car or outside with your pet

• We will come outside and collect your pet and take them for their consultation

• The Vet will call you to discuss next steps, treatment, medication etc

• A member of our team will bring your pet back to your car / outside

• You can pay for any medication via our card machine

Flea and worming treatment
Please note that we will not be selling flea and worming treatment for three weeks, from Wednesday 25th March. We will review this after this period and will update you accordingly.

What services can you access?
To ensure we can continue to deliver our Gold Standard care throughout our centres whilst also adhering to the social distancing guidelines, we will now only book appointments for the following:

– Any Emergency or animal in pain
– Euthanasia
– Acute sudden onset lameness
– Animals with chronic diseases who become unwell
– Birthing difficulties
– Breathing difficulties
– Severe bleeding
– Trauma cases
– Acute non-weight bearing lameness
– Severe vomiting or diarrhoea
– Difficulties urinating
– Any case that one of our vets has requested to see

The below services will no longer be available until normal operating service resumes:

– No first or routine vaccinations/boosters
– Kennel cough vaccines
– 6 month health checks
– Nail clips and anal Gland Expression
– Post operative checks (unless advised otherwise)
– Flea/worming checks
– Weight clinics
– Stable chronic medication checks
– Neutering
– Dental work (unless teeth are stopping eating or causing pain)
– Grooming and puppy classes

We are hugely grateful for the consideration of our clients and also to our teams for their commitment to put animal welfare first and help as many pets as possible – especially during such challenging times. If we can help in any way or you have any queries, please do call your local centre.

Advice to our clients with puppies and kittens in the current crisis
As a result of the Government advice on restriction of movements we cannot provide primary vaccinations for puppies and kittens at this time. The following measures can be taken to minimise the risk of infection.

If you have recently acquired a puppy or kitten that has not been vaccinated yet you must:

• Keep them isolated from other cats and dogs.
• Do not take them out for walks.

If you have older pets that are vaccinated it is unlikely that they will present a risk to your puppy/kitten but do not let your older pets mix with other animals, so:

• Walk your older dogs on leads
• Keep your older cats indoors

For breeders with litters of puppies and kittens, keep mother and litter separate from the rest of you pets. Once weaned the mother can return to the other pets, but keep the litter separate.