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A New Kind of Vet

Our everyday prices

We recently completed a price check of the local vets in our area to show you just how good our prices really are. Plus, with our low-price guarantee*, if you find the treatment, product or service cheaper elsewhere, we’ll give you the difference back – plus an extra £1!

*within 10 miles of this clinic.

The Vet Terms & Conditions

TreatmentAverage SavingLocal Vet 1Local Vet 2Local Vet 3Local Vet 4
Average %
Kitten First Vaccination Course Inc Leukemia£30.01£74.00£74.00£72.00£80.00£44.9940%
Puppy First Vaccination Course£33.01£90.00£67.00£49.00£86.00£39.9945%
Dog Castrate up to 20-40kg£70.01£210.00£184.00£180.00£190.00£120.9937%
Bitch Spay up to 20-40kg£75.01 £250.00£250.00£220.00 £200.00 £154.99 33%
Cat Castrate£17.26£59.00 £59.00 £53.00 £50.00 £37.99 31%
Cat Spay £21.51 £72.00 £72.00 £72.00 £70.00 £49.9930%
Rabbit Spay£26.51 £94.00 £93.00 £85.00 £74.00 £59.99 31%
Consultation Price£12.26 £40.00 £40.00 £32.00 £33.00 £23.99 34%
These prices are taken from the leading local vets within a 8 mile radius of our clinic

What makes The Vet special?

No appointments needed <br>  - Just come in
No appointments needed
- Just come in
Open late evenings <br>and saturdays
Open late evenings
and saturdays
Quality care at <br> an affordable price
Quality care at
an affordable price
2 hours <br>free parking
2 hours
free parking
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A New Kind of Vet