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Book an appointment online!

Book an appointment online!

Simply follow the guide below to determine whether you need to see a Vet or Nurse for your appointment.

You need to see a Vet if;

*Your animal is unwell in any way
*You have a new pet
*You wish to discuss a surgery
*If you feel your animal needs to see a veterinarian

You can see a Nurse for;

*Nail clipping
*Anal gland expression
*Dental check
*Flea check
*Weight check
*Complimentary Health Check
*If advised by one of our vets that your next check can be with a nurse

Booking An Appointment For Vaccinations
Annual Booster Vaccinations will need to be booked with a Vet.
A course of Primary Vaccinations are for new puppies, kittens or vaccination restarts. These vaccinations are a course of 2 spread 3-4 weeks apart. The first course will need to be booked with a Vet, the second course can be booked with a Veterinary Nurse, unless this is your first visit to our centre in which case a Veterinary Consultation will need to be booked.
Please contact us for any questions you may have 0203 780 7903
Please call us on 0203 780 7903 if you have an emergency
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