Caring for your cat at The Vet

We do everything we can to create an environment that’s calming and as comfortable for your cat as possible. This helps your cat relax when you visit us for vaccinations and advice, things which are essential for maintaining your cat’s health and wellbeing.

Dedicated cat waiting area and consulting room

At The Vet, your cat will be treated to a cat-only waiting area and a separate cat-only consultation room. By keeping other animals, like dogs, out of sight, your cat will be far less anxious. The cat only consulting rooms are constantly fed with feline-friendly pheromones from a pet remedy diffuser – which reduces anxiety further. Of course, some cats aren’t too keen on other cats either, so we recommend positioning the carrier so that your cat faces you.

Noise reduction to minimise stress

Our cattery is designed to prevent your cat from being able to see any dogs, with noise kept to a minimum and sneeze barriers between cat houses. All of this will help to reduce your cat’s stress levels, as well as preventing the spread of infection.

Cosy comfort for relaxation

The majority of our feline inpatients are offered igloo beds. They give your cat a place to hide away and feel more secure. The only reason your cat may not be given an igloo bed is when we need to monitor him or her after an operation, or for a particular medical condition. The cattery also has a pet remedy diffuser installed to circulate relaxing feline pheromones into the individual sleeping areas.

Warm and cool temperature control

Cats love to snuggle up in warm spots. That’s why we give our patients heat pads if required during their stay. Just as importantly, we have air conditioning to keep them cool on hot summer days. All sleeping areas are monitored to maintain the ideal temperature range, which is vital for recuperation post-surgery.

Feeding for recovery

A good diet supports healing and a speedy recovery. During your cat’s stay in our pet hospital, we feed an easily digestible, well-balanced diet in either a dry or tinned version – depending on your cat’s preference. If your cat remains unconvinced by what’s on offer, we have a variety of fish and chicken diets that are gentle on the digestion and which usually prove irresistible.

You know your cat better than anyone, so we’re always keen to hear about individual preferences. Tell us everything we need to know when you bring your cat in, and feel free to call the surgery if there’s anything you’d like to ask.